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This program has helped me reach my goal by offering one on one and group sessions. I am in Intensive Outpatient treatment and I like it.  My counselor gives me good advice and explains to me how to realize my health is important to me.

Walter M.

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Since being on the program, I have achieved so much.  I have been fully employed and able to live my life without the use of drugs.  I have been able to have good relations with my family and others that don’t use.  My counselor has been so much help.  She always has a good spirited message that keep me motivated.  And what I mean by good spirited is a positive message that gives me hope.

Derrick J.

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Well I haven’t met my goal yet; But things is getting better and I will get myself back up to standing the way I am supposed to be in the next month.


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I have learned how to be sober and the clinic helped me. By coming to the program, meeting with my counselor and doing groups, I changed my life.