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Organization for Recovery Policy and Procedures
Approved Provider # 64

Organization for Recovery’s Certified Alcohol & Drug Training Program is approved for License and Certification Renewal for LCADC, CADC, MFT, MFT-Permit, LPC, LAC, LRC and re-certification for all certifications issued by The Certification Board.

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Effective January 1, 2010 pre-registration and payment is required for all classes together with a fully completed registration form. No telephone or email requests are allowed. The cost of each class is $65.00. OFR accepts the following forms of payment: checks, money order, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. However, non-registrants may be accepted on day of class at the on-site rate of $80.00 per class based on space availability by check or money orders only. No cash payments accepted. (See fee schedule for additional payment options). On site payments must be paid to the designated class site coordinator prior to entrance into class. No partial payments or non-payments will be honored or class credit given.

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Returned Check Charge:

All returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 administrative fee in addition to the original registration fees and credit for that class attendance will be rescinded until the matter is resolved.

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Students must sign the attendance record upon their arrival at class and prior to departure from class. This is the official record of attendance that is sent to the Certification Board for verification. A student who fails to sign in or out of class will not receive credit for the class. Students who sign attendance form in and out simultaneously or leave prior to end of class will not receive credit for class attendance.

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No Show/Refund Policy:

Written request for excused absences must be received at OFR at least 7 days before class takes place or registration fee is forfeited. Registration fees are non-refundable except by written notification by mail or email as indicated below:

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6-hour class:

Must be received 7 working days prior to actual class – $15 administrative fee applies

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Domain Payment:

10 days before start of domain – $50 administrative fee applies. No refund after start of classes.

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Full Payment:

10 days prior to class start date – $125.00 administrative fee applies. 30-day notice required after start of classes up to 3 months and a refund for balance of classes remaining will be pro-rated as follows ($2025 less $65 per classes attended and any unexcused absences, plus $125 administrative fee) determines refund amount. No refunds will be granted after 3 months of class attendance. Please email or fax to 908-769-8212 immediately if unable to attend classes within the designated time allotted.

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Emergency Absence:

An emergency absence is defined as an unforeseen occurrence that is beyond a student’s control and prohibits attendance on the day of class. Student is instructed to contact OFR immediately. OFR will honor the class payment if provided with written documentation addressing the nature of the emergency (i.e. doctor’s note, etc.) otherwise registration fee is forfeited.

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Make-Up Classes:

Students who prepay for classes and miss the cancellation deadline will be allowed to make up 3 classes at a special rate of $45.00 each. The fee for all additional makeup classes will be at regular rate of $65.00

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Tardiness and Early Departures:

OFR endeavors to begin and end class on time and will make every attempt to begin class as scheduled but does allow a 20 minute grace period for late arrivals for occasions where unforeseen circumstances occur. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late for class will not be admitted to class as the certification board has strict rules regarding attendance. Students who leave early from class will not be permitted to sign-out on the attendance record and will not receive credit for the class. This policy is non-negotiable.

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Class Cancellation:

OFR will make every attempt to prevent a class cancellation, however there are occasions where circumstances are beyond our control, and we will make every effort to reach students to advise of class cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel classes for low enrollment, instructor cancellations or for inclement weather. If Organization for Recovery cancels a class, registrants who have paid will be given full refunds, credit towards the rescheduled canceled class or for a future class. However, Organization for Recovery will not be responsible for any out of pocket expenses directly or indirectly sustained by the registrant.

Cancellations known in advance will be recorded at (908/769-4700 x 20) as well as posted to the website. Students will be advised by phone or email if cancellations are not known in advance of class. Students should email their name and telephone numbers to education@organizationforrecovery.org or fax to 908-769-8212 for re-scheduling information or periodically visit the website for updated information. If no message is left then it is safe to assume that the class will still meet as scheduled.

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In developing the training calendar OFR has endeavored to accommodate as many of the major secular and religious holidays as possible. We realize that occasionally our schedule will conflict with personal calendars. Students with scheduling conflicts, or who celebrate holidays that are not recognized in our calendar, should review all schedules for alternative class meeting dates. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences arising from scheduling conflicts.

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Transcript Policy:

OFR does not issue certificates of attendance for each course. A Transcript Request Form must be submitted in order to receive a transcript of all class attendance. OFR reports attendance at CADC and specialized training courses directly to APCBNJ. When submitting application packages to APCBNJ, original transcripts must be included. Upon completion of a class or sequence of classes students may request a transcript of their class attendance by mailing, emailing or faxing a Transcript Request Form directly to OFR. Transcript Request Forms can be obtained from the website or by contacting the OFR office. Current students may request up to two transcripts per year at no cost while actively attending classes. Each additional transcript will cost $15.00. Students who are not actively taking classes in the current year will be assessed a $15.00 processing fee per transcript. Be advised that the accuracy of the transcript is the responsibility of the student and not OFR; therefore it is important that you keep good records of each class and the location where attended. This information must be provided and will be necessary to research and correct any errors. All attendance documents are primarily mailed to OFR’s main office within 72 hours after each class for reconciliation and data entry, however, there are occasions when circumstances prevail that may prohibit our receipt in a timely manner. Therefore please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks after last class taken to receive an official transcript upon submission of a Transcript Request Form. Transcript requests are processed on a first come, first served basis according to date received by OFR and will issue transcripts to students only. Mailings to The Certification Board or any other party are the responsibility of the student. Please know that it is the policy of CPDD to process transcript requests as quickly as possible and we thank you in advance for your patience.

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Professional Class Conduct:

The Community & Professional Development Division endeavors to always offer professional education trainings and requires absolute professional conduct at all times during class hours. Any class disruption or inappropriate behavior is prohibited and should be reported to the Program Administrator and/or Executive Director immediately for investigation and resolution.

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We thank you for your interest in our program and please let us know how we can make this a more rewarding educational experience for you. We welcome and value your suggestions!

Disclaimer: Organization for Recovery reserves the right to edit or delete these policies at will and without prior notification. It is suggested that you periodically review the policies for any updated or revised information.